Persian Wheel used for drawing water from the Nile

David Roberts, R.A.

Signed with the name of the artist and lithographer, Louis Haghe.

From Eygpt and Nubia, 1842.

The printed caption on the facing page differs somewhat from the inscription on the plate, reading "Person Wheel used for Irrigation in Nubia."

Hans Meijer of the Musicks Monument Foundation in the Netherlands, which he founded to record remarkable and little-known music, has generously shared with Victorian Web this and other plates from site. These images appear in a DVD multimedia project involving musical performances by Charles T. Griffes and Alwin Bär, late Professor of Piano at the Utrechts Conservatorium. Readers may wish to visit the Roberts portion of Meijer's site, which has a large number of additional plates (including many details) as well as information about the DVD and links to other Musicks Monument projects, including medieval manuscripts and music from many periods. Readers can order the DVD containing the Roberts plates and accompanying music on the Foundation website mentioned above [GPL].


Eygpt and Nubia. From Drawings on the Spot, by David Roberts, R.A. with historical Descriptions by William Brockedon, F. R. S. Lithographed by Louis Haghe. volume II in The Holy Land: Syria, Idumea, Arabia, Eygpt and Nubia. London: F. G. Moon. 6 vols. 1842-49.

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