I have studied many different things — Latin and sciences (in what is equivalent to high school in the American school system). Afterwards, I majored in in economics in a 2-years college , after which, I studied at university four four years, earning a dgree in graphic design. I have also taken evening courses in marketing, pedagogy and the Spanish language. I am now studying computer courses and started this year with Illustrator.

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After university, I became a teacher in a high school and an art-academy. Together with my husband, I restored an old farmhouse in which we still live today. As for my family situation: my husband is a civil engineer, and we have three lovely sons together. My husband worked in Germany for several years, which meant that he was only at home in the weekends. Meanwhile, we restored another house in a city near to our village, and I started a clothes shop and a tearoom in the same building. It was a clothes shop with only one brand (www.scapafashion.com) I could use my artistic skills, decorating the shop windows and the tearoom during 10 years.

When I finished my studies, I made pencil drawings and etchings and made illustrations for children's books for which I won an award. But that illustration was not very satisfying because I did not have enough time to finish the illustrations, I had very little frreedom to work the way I wanted, . . . and I could not earn a living. I had some exhibitions at which I managed to sell all my works, which meant that I did not have any for myself.

So I made up my mind to earn my living in another way. At first, I decorated the tearoom with pencil drawings, but I wanted to bring in some color. I started to paint dressed dogs. The present was my first painting. For Christmas, I made dressed dogs paintings, I decorated the tearoom in the theme: chequered draperies, chequered aprons, moving clay sculptures (a Santa Claus moving his head and waving his hand, a dancing couple, new year singers) In the meantime I had to decorate 14 Christmas trees and other green-decorations. This took a lot of work: I started preparations in September. At Easter, I changed the body of santa clause in that of an Easter bunny waving with a carrot. I made dressed dogs as well for this theme and yellow draperies and aprons. Another theme was water: decorations with antique ships, blue and white draperies and aprons and I left out the dressed dogs and added paintings with faces of children. For the theme faces I made paintings with faces. One of these is a trompe-l'oeil of one face existing of so many faces that nobody canÊ count them. If I would count the hours work I spend on that painting . . . I made faces in clay: a whole group decorating the wall.

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What happened to the tearoom? A lot of things: good personnel was hard to find, my mother died, my father was very ill and I was the only daughter. The tearoom and shop are rented out now. I never stopped teaching in the academy, but that remained the only job I have. I took my paintings and stored them at home. My father died and I started to make paintings dedicated to my future grandchildren so that they will have a reminder of me. I made 14 paintings of Alice in Wonderland and 29 of Through the looking-glass. I knew the story of Alice in Wonderland of course and liked the surrealistic touch. I did not know the story of Through the looking-glass and never read it entirely before finishing my last canvas. I continued to read after each painting. I wanted to stop in case in would be too difficult to illustrate. But I never had that problem.

My new theme? One of my sons is a brilliant student who studies law and economics at the university of Leuven. He is working very hard to obtain a study grant and wants to specialize his studies in America or England.That is why I started to paint now a series with the law as subject. I just finished a painting of Lady Justice. I plan to make a whole series of emotional expressions on human faces.

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Home address: Ilsestraat 49
B-2260 Westerlo, Belgium

Phone : 014/265636
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