Ceiling of Compton Cemetery Chapel

Ceiling, Compton Cemetery Chapel, Compton, by Mary Seton Fraser Tytler Watts and citizens of Compton. 1898. Photograph by Jacqueline Banerjee.

Indoors and out the burial chapel is covered with mystic symbols. . . Scenes of angel faces look down, and there is a charming band of faces in the triple arch of the doorway. . . . The walls are covered with mystical work in ruby plaster and gilded; there are over a hundred medallions and winged cherubs. There is a picture of Mr Watts painted to express the idea of the All-Pervading, with suns and rolling systems in the lap of a great enfolding figure encompassed by the hands of Love. [Mee, p.80]


Arthur Mee, ed. The King's England: Surrey: London's Southern Neighbour. London: Hodder and Stoughton, 1938.

Last modified 2 December 2011