Weatherbury Church (Puddletown Church)

Weatherbury Church (Puddletown Church). 8 cm high x 13 cm wide. Source of photograph: Far From The Madding Crowd in the Anniversary Edition of the Wessex Novels, 1920, based in part on previous editions and the photographs of 1912. Facing p. 360.

Puddletown Church, situated near the village square, is the original from which Weatherbury Church was drawn. Alterations and additions have been made recently [i. e., 1912] , but the "little gallery door" which Troy used in entering the church and the porch where he passed the night may yet be seen. The gargoyle which was 'too human to be called like a dragon, too uimpish to be like a man, too animal to be like a fiend, and not enough like a bird to be called a griffin' was taken from a church in another parish.

[These remarks by the anonymous editors often seem to be based on Thomas Hardy's Wessex (1913) by Herman Lea -- PVA].


Hardy, Thomas. Far From The Madding Crowd. New York & London: Harper & Brothers, 1920.

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