An example of Regency postal charges. Image and text by Eunice Shanahan shared with readers of the Victorian Web with kind permission from Eunice and Ron Shanahan's website, Letters from the Past.

Two sets of rates were in force during the Regency Period: under the Act of 1805 the rates were set for the cost of sending a single sheet letter. If a further sheet was enclosed in the letter the cost was double. If the letter weighed an ounce the cost was four times the base rate. Although it is slightly before the Regency period, this letter written in 1800 is a good example. The sender has put a note on the front of the letter "Two Sheets inclosed".

The postal official has written the weight 1oz (one ounce) and the correct postage due is therefore 4 times the base rate for the distance of between 60 and 100 miles i.e. 4 x 6d = 24d or 2/- (two shillings). Wisbeach was 89 miles from London.

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Last modified 24 May 2010