John Moore Capes

John Moore Capes

Josef L. Altholz

Note one to chapter one of the author's The Liberal Catholic Movement in England: The "Rambler" and its Contributors, 1848-1864, which Burns and Oates (London) published in 1962. It has been included in the Victorian Web with the kind permission of the author, who of course retains copyright.

Edward George Kirwan Browne, History of the Tractarian Movement (Dublin, 1856), pp. 74 ff. Capes was reputed to have been a follower of W. G. ("Ideal") Ward, according to Richard William Church, The Oxford Movement: Twelve Years, 1833-1845, 3rd ed. (London, 1932), p. 394. This probably was a late development: Capes, while at Oxford, was rather stunned than convinced by Ward, if I am correct in identifying Ward with "Arlington" in Capes' autobiographical novel, To Rome and Back (London, 1873), pp. 96-108.

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