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J. B. Schneewind, Backgrounds of English Victorian Literature (N Y., 1970), which contains an excellent brief overview of Victorian religion and a useful annotated bibliography, accepts the essential accuracy of these statistics and a related contemporary estimate of the allegiances of Anglican clergymen. Robert Lee Wolff, Gains and Losses: Novels of Faith and Doubt in Victorian England (N. Y., 1977), which also provides an excellent summary of religious doctrine and Church-party conflict during the period, points out that the survey of clerical allegiance much underestimates the number of Evangelicals. The one essential volume remains Owen Chadwick, The Victorian Church (London, 1966). Alec R. Vidler, The Church in an Age of Revolution: 1789 to the Present Day (Harmondsworth, 1961), vol. 5 in the Pelican History of the Church , provides a useful summary examination of Victorian developments in a broader context.

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