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    Beer, Gillian. Darwin's Plots. London, 1983.

    "This seminal volume analyses the background to Darwin's own intellectual development, focusing on his early reading and the ways in which it shaped the language which he eventually used to express his ideas in On the Origin of Species 1859. The main body of the text, however, is given over to a study of how Darwin's theory of evolution was absorbed into the literary culture after 1859. Although Gillian Beer looks at this phenomenon in a broad sense, looking at evolution's impact on writers like Charles Kingsley, her main subjects are George Eliot and Thomas Hardy — two writers who paid close attention to Darwin's text. It is particularly concerned with how the plot structures of Eliot's and Hardy's fiction were influenced by the Darwinian theory of evolution. Ground-breaking piece of work and essential reading for scholars of evolution and literature." --David Clifford

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    Darwin, Charles. The Correspondence of Charles Darwin. ed. by Frederick Burkhardt, S. Smith et al, Cambridge University Press Cambridge, 1985

    Includes an on-line calendar with brief details of all known letters to and from Darwin and a complete list of correspondents and brief biographies of them.

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