Bust of Mademoiselle Vuillier by Aimé-Jules Dalou (1897-1902). Bronze with a brown patina. Height: 14½ inches (36.5cm). Stamped “AA Hébrard Cire Perdue” and numbered B7. Robert Bowman, London. Photograph by Julian Jans. Another view. [Click on image to enlarge it.]


Dalou executed a number of portraits during his career. The present example depicts Mademoiselle Vuillier, the sister-in-law of the artist and was executed in London between 1875–78. During this time Dalou sculpted a number of portraits of children and young adults for his English patrons.

The present example, with its sensitive modelling and youthful features is typical of his output at this time. The work is unlikely to have been exhibited during Dalou’s lifetime and the present bronze is a particularly fine lost wax cast executed by the Hebrard foundry.

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Aimé-Jules Dalou (1897-1902). Online exhibition catalogue. London: Bowman Sculpture, 2014. Web. 29 November 2014.

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