Desespoir (Despair)

Desespoir (Despair)

Aimé-Jules Dalou (1897-1902)

Bronze, rich dark brown, green and red brown patination

Height 8" (20 cm)

Robert Bowman

Signed Dalou, and inscribed Cire Perdue, Susse Frs. edts. Paris

The present work was originally conceived as a study for the group on the left hand side of the monument to Gambetta. An observer could easily be forgiven for thinking the sculpture was executed by Rodin.The observer of this piece could easily be forgiven for thinking this work is the hand of Rodin. The modelling, simple yet very strong is reminiscent of Rodin's prodigal son and this casting, with its use of splashes of green and red patina, is a superb example of Susse Frere's lost wax casting with its dramatic patination" — Robert Bowman

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