Edward Onslow Ford, R. A. (1852-1901)

c. 1890

Bronze, dark brown patina on a marble base

20 1/2 inches (52.7 cm.)

  • Front view
  • "One of his series of Ideal nudes, Onslow Ford's full-size plaster of Peace was exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1887 (no. 1944), where it was considered by the critic Edmund Gosse to be "the most delightful contribution to the exhibition". Three years later a life-size bronze was shown (now in the Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool). In Gosse's 1895 article in Magazine of Art, entitled "Sculpture in the House", Peace was illustrated alongside statuettes by Leighton and Thornycroft in doemstic settings, and was subsequenty one of Ford's first works to be cast by Arthur L. Collie" (28).

    In 1975 Sotheby's Belgravia auctioned a cast missing the palm frond. [GPL]

    Photograph, caption, and commentary from Robert Bowman, Sir Alfred Gilbert and the New Sculpture (2008)

    Robert Bowman and the Fine Art Society, London, have most generously given their permission to use information, images, and text from the catalogue named above in the Victorian Web. Copyright on text and images from their catalogues remains, of course, with them. [GPL]