The Sluggard

Detailed view of The Sluggard by Frederic Lord Leighton, P. R. A. (1830-1896). [entire statue] 1890. Bronze, rich mid and dark brown patination, 20 3/4 inches (52.5 cm.). Signed "Fred Leighton," and inscribed "Founded by J. W. Singer & Sons, Frome Somerset Published by Arthur Leslie Collie 39B Old Bond Street, London, May 1st 1890."

According to Robert Bowman,

Lord Leighton's life-size plaster . . . was first exhibited at the Royal Academy Exhibition of 1886. A bronze cast acquired by Henry tate in 1896 and now belongs to the Tate Gallery in London although it is currently on loan to the Royal Academy. The inspiration for the piece came from his life drawing of model Giuseppe Valona stretching during a break between poses, the work was originally called Athlete awakening from sleeping, and was first executed in 1882.

This bronze is a sketch for the finished work and one of an edition cast by Singer and Sons of Frome. It is the version that was produced for the colectors market, a reduced version of the finished work never being cast. Singer and Sons set up their new foundry capable of casting using th lost wax ad sand casting processes in 1888. Rights to market the model from 1890 were bought by Arthur Leslie Collie who sold these and other New School sculpture from his joint premises with Agnews in Old Bond Street. A bronze cast, which bore his name and that of the founder Singer and Sons was exhibited at the Arts and Crafts exhibition of 1890. By 1901 Collie was no longer associated with Agnews and by 1906 he was n longer listed in the art directory. Casts made under Collie's name can then be accurately dated to this period. [Sir Alfred Gilbert and the New Sculpture, 76]



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