“A series of medals is one of the best authorities that can be consulted for tho state of the arts of design of any particular period.” — 1855 Art-Journal



Charles John Allen

Gilbert Bayes

Charles Bell Birch

Sir Joseph Edgar Boehm

Frank Bowcher (1864-1938)

Sir Thomas Brock, K.C.B., R.A. (1847-1922)

Benjamin Cheverton

George William De Saulles

Charles Doman

Conrad Dressler

Alfred Drury


Sir George Frampton, R.A., P.R.B.S. (1860-1928)

Emil Fuchs

Sir Alfred Gilbert

Walter Gilbert

Ernest George Gillick

Lady Feodora Gleichen


Lilian V. Hamilton

Ethel Alice Chivers Harris

William Goscombe John

Edouard Lanteri (1848-1917)

Alphonse Legros

Frederick Lord Leighton

Erik Lindberg

Sir Edgar Bertram Mackennal

Alfred Bertram Pegram

Sir Joseph Poynter

Edward Carter Preston

Anton Scharff

Theodore Spicer Simson

Harold Stabler

Alfred Joseph Stothard

Sir W. Hamo Thornycroft

Benjamin Wyon

Leonard Charles Wyon

William Wyon

Unknown medallists


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