Lord Kelvin,

The Titanic Memorial

Marble [?]


City Hall, Belfast

Two relics of the Titanic disaster of 1912 are located on the grounds of City Hall. The first is this Titanic Memorial, which shows two sea nymphs bearing up a drowned sailor; at its base is a list of those who perished on 15 April 1912. (This memorial once stood in the middle of Donegall Square North, but was subsequently moved within the railings of City Hall on the east side.) The second is more oblique, a commemorative bust of Viscount Pirrie, who, while Lord Mayor of the city, was a member of the board of directors of Harland and Wolff, the local firm that constructed the ill-fated liner and her distinguished sister-ships, Britannic and Olympic.

Text and photograph by Philip V. Allingham 2006.

This image may be used without prior permission for any scholarly or educational purpose.

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