The Morning of Life by Ellen Mary Rope (1855-1934). 1898. Plaster Bas-relief. Exhibited at the New Gallery, 1898, and Arts and Crafts Exhibition, 1899. 1898 Arts and Crafts Exhibition. Text and scan by George P. Landow 2007. [This image may be used without prior permission for any scholarly or educational purpose.]

"It is evident that Miss E. M. Rope has a peculiar faculty for the portrayal of child forms in ornament. The plaster relief entitled The Morning of Life, which represents a group of children palying on the seashore, with the sun, half hidden behind a ship in full sail, rising over the waters in the horizon [sic]; and that also of Christ Blessing the Little Children, a well-banaced composition, in which special diognity is given to the centeral figure by heightening of the frame over the head, were both exhibited at the New Gallery in 1898. A pleasant tone is attained by washing the plaster with a thin wash of brown or buff colour, which, flowing into the hollows, helpes to accentuate the mor eprominent portions of the modelling." — The Studio


"Arts and Crafts." Studio. 18 (1899): 270.

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