Queen Boadicea

Queen Boadicea by Thomas Thornycroft (1814-1885). Bronze. 1902. Westminster Bridge, London. Side view in silhouette. Photograph by Robert Freidus. [This photograph may be used without prior permission for any scholarly or educational purpose.]

Thornycroft. . . shewed us his studio. His large group of Boadicea with her daughters beside her driving her chariot into battle, with the expression of one of the faces, looking forth into the 'hurly-burly' with a kind of daring awe, seemed very fine. Pity they don't find a place for the group on the top of one of our tame abortive-looking park porticoes or arches not very 'triumphal'. — Alfred Domett Diary, April 1, 1873.

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The Diary of Alfred Domett, 1872-1885. Ed. E. A. Horsman. London: Geoffrey Cumberledge/Oxford University Peress, 1953.

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