Smithfield Market

Smithfield Market, London EC1. Designed by Sir Horace Jones: Central market, 1868; poultry and provisions market, 1875 (burnt down in 1958, replaced by a new market hall in 1963); fruit and vegetable market, 1883. Photograph 2007 by Jacqueline Banerjee. [You may use this image without prior permission for any scholarly or educational purpose as long as you (1) credit the photographer and (2) link your document to this URL.]

Different sources give different dates for the building of the main meat market here (see below), but the older live meat market was relocated to Islington in 1855, and the opening of the new Smithfield was recorded in the Illustrated London News of 5 Dec. 1868. According to the information plaque in the central arcade, the open ironwork let in the light and air, while the louvered roof kept out the sun. Together with the fact that the market was on an elevation, this helped to keep the meat cool in the days before refrigeration. The complex was linked by the Metropolitan underground railway to the major train stations (note the tunnels beneath it, now used for parking, storage etc.). In modorn times, the main cold store was converted to a power station. Although the central arcade of the meat market building has been splendidly restored, the later additions at the westernmost end are currently in a sorry state, boarded up and under threat of demolition, to make way for new office buildings. This is, after all, a prime city location.

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"Market Buildings." Information plaque in the central arcade. (This gives 1868 as the opening date, and should be definitive.)

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Note: Other good sites on Smithfield are: "Victorian London — Markets — Smithfield Market"; "Smithfield, London"; and "Don't Butcher Smithfield." The last site is particularly interesting because it shows some of the threatened buildings.

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Last modified 4 August 2007