Henry Matthew Brock (1875-1960), the son of a specialist reader in oriental languages for Cambridge University Press, was the brother of the better-known artist Charles Edward Brock (1870-1938), with whom he shared a studio. Like his brother, he contributed to Punch, but unlike Charles Edward, who painted oils and was elected a member of the British Institution, the younger Brock worked in advertising. In addition to illustrating Great Expectations, he did four color plates for 1935 A Christmas Carol (source), and he was one of seven artists who contributed illustrations to Conan Doyl's His Last Bow (1909; source).

According to Paul Schlicke, "In 1901-3 the Gresham Publishing Company [34 Southampton Street, The Strand, London] . . . produced an incomplete edition, the Imperial Edition in sixteen volumes, including Gissing's Charles Dickens, A Critical Study and 'topographical illustrations' by Kitton" (p. 207). H. M. Brock's eight illustrations for Great Expectations range from late Victorian through Impressionistic in style, each containing a quotation within the frame to indicate the precise moment illustrated. The pictorial/narrative sequence emphasizes the centrality of Pip; of the other characters depicted, only Estella and Jaggers appear more than once.

  1. "I made bold to say 'I am glad you enjoy it'" [Part 2, Chapter 4: Pip and Magwitch]
  2. "Well? You can break his heart" [Part 5, Chapter 8: Miss Havisham, Estella, and Pip]
  3. "And then they both stared at me" [Part 6, Chapter 9: Uncle Pumblechook, Mrs. Joe, and Pip]
  4. "And the communication I have got to make is, that he has Great Expectations" [Part 11, Chapter 18: Jaggers, Pip, and Joe]
  5. "Well, aged parent." said Wemmick, "how am you?" [Part 16, Chapter 25: Wemmick, The Aged Parent, and Pip]
  6. "I am going to Richmonnd" she told me [Part 20, Chapter 33: Pip and Estella]
  7. He . . . steadily looked at me. [Part 31, Chapter 51: Pip and Jaggers — the revelation of Estella's and Molly's identities.]
  8. '"Ah!" he cried . . . the burnt child dreads the fire!" [Part 32, Chapter 53: Pip and Orlick]


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