Harry Furniss's eighteen-volume edition of The Charles Dickens Library (London: Educational Book Company, 1910) contains some 500 special plates (part of the total of 1200 illustrations) and two volumes of commentary. Volume 17, by J. A. Hammerton, is entitled The Dickens Picture Book: A Record of the Dickens Illustrators. The sixteenth volume, entitled Christmas Stories, is a collection of Dickens's seasonal journalistic productions from Household Words in the 1850s and All the Year Round in the 1860s.

The final volume of the 1910 Charles Dickens Library Edition is The Dickens Companion: A Book of Anecdote and Reference. For all twenty-eight illustrations in volume 16, Christmas Stories, the series editor, J. A. Hammerton, has included both succinct captions and extended quotations to demonstrate the textual moment realised in each; moreover, each quotation refers to a specific page number, thereby enabling the reader to find the passage illustrated. Although each page is 12.2 by 18.4 cm (4.75 by 7.25 inches) and the caption below each in upper-case, and below that occurs a multi-line quotation in upper and lower case, each plate is effectively 14.3 cm by 9.2 cm (5.5 inches by 3.25 inches), the vertically-mounted illustrations usually being framed, and the horizontally-mounted illustrations being vignetted.

Title or text illustrated Story Facing Page
1. Christmas Ghosts.- Frontispiece
2. Characters in the Stories - Title-page vignette
3. My Uncle and Betsy Snap A Round of Stories by the Christmas Fire "The Poor Relation's Story," 1
4. "Come and Remember with Me!" A Round of Stories by the Christmas Fire "The Child's Story," 12
5. Old Cheeseman's Only Friend Another Round of Stories by the Christmas Fire/td> "The Schoolboy's Story," 20
6. Old Cheeseman's Marriage A Round of Stories by the Christmas Fire "The Schoolboy's Story," 25
7. The Guests at Watts's Charity The Seven Poor Travellers "In an Ancient Little City," 32
8. Death of Major Taunton The Seven Poor Travellers "The Story of Richard Doubledick," 48
9. An Engagement The Holly Tree Inn Ch. 2, "The Boots," 65
10. Arrivals at the Holly-Tree The Holly Tree Inn Ch. 2, "The Boots," 80
11. Servants at the Holly-Tree The Holly Tree Inn Ch. 2, "The Boots," 84
12. The Golden Lucy The Wreck of 'The Golden Mary' Ch. 1, "The Wreck," 96
13. Major Tpschoffkli A House to Let "Going into Society," 225
14. Captain Jorgan A Message from The Sea Ch. 1, "The Village," 256
15. The Tinker's Philosophy Tom Tiddler's Ground Ch. 2, "Picking up the Tinker," 352
16. Turning the Tables on my Mistress Somebody's Luggage "Leaving It Till Called for," 368
17. Jemmy and the Major Mrs. Lirriper's Lodgings "How Mrs. Lirriper Carried on the Business," 432
18. Doctor Marigold Doctor Marigold's Prescriptions Ch. 1, "To Be Taken Immediately," 472
19. Doctor Marigold teaching Sophy Doctor Marigold's Prescriptions Ch. 1, "To Be Taken Immediately," 481
20. Dr. Marigold's Little Visitor Doctor Marigold's Prescriptions Ch. 2, "To Be Taken for Life," 496
21. The Face at the Window Mugby Junction Ch. 1, "Barbox Brothers," 512
22. Polly, Barbox Brothers' Guest at dinner Mugby Junction Ch. 2, "Barbox Brothers and Co.," 544
23. What Christmas is, as we Grow Older "What Christmas is, as we Grow Older" 589
24. Nurse and Mother No Thoroughfare "The Overture," 8 [renumbering begins with this Dickens-Collins novella]
25. Obenreizer No Thoroughfare "New Characters on the Scene," 39
26. Marguerite No Thoroughfare "New Characters on the Scene," 70
27. The Struggle on the Mountain No Thoroughfare Act 3: "In The Valley," — "On the Mountain," 94
28. On the Beach at Scarborough "Hunted Down" Ch. 4, 127
29. Slinkton's Surprise "Hunted Down" Ch. 5, 140

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Dickens, Charles. Christmas Stories. The Charles Dickens Library Edition. 18 vols. London: Educational Book Co., 1910. Vol. 16.

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