Date of Publication and Edition

1847 The Cheap Edition
1858-9 First Library Edition
1861 New Library Edition (illustrated by Phiz)
1867-75 Charles Dickens Edition (up to 8 plates per volume)
1871-79 Household Edition: "a completely new set of illustrations by a number of hands."
1892 Macmillan's (reprint of the 1861 edition)
1897 Gadshill Edition (with Phiz's original steel engravings)
1899 Nelson's New Century Library Edition (illustrated by John A. Bacon)
1901-2 The London Edition (Caxton Publishing)
1901-3 The Temple Edition (il. John A. Bacon)
1901-6 The Authentic Edition (with coloured frontispieces)
1902-3 The Biographical Edition
1903-7 The Fireside Dickens
1906-8 The National Edition
1908 The Autograph Edition, The St. Dunstan Edition, The Bibliophiles' Edition.
1937 The Nonesuch Edition
1954 The New Oxford (Illustrated) Dickens
1970 Penguin English Library
1990 The Oxford World Classics.

Source: John R. Harvey, Victorian Novelists and Their Illustrators (London: Sidgwick and Jackson, 1970), pp. 196-99.

Last updated 29 January 2002