1. Prologue
  2. I       [“I held it truth, with him who sings”]
  3. II      [“ Old Yew, which graspest at the stones”]
  4. III     [“O Sorrow, cruel fellowship”]
  5. IV      [“To Sleep I give my powers away”]
  6. V       [“I sometimes hold it half a sin”]
  7. VI      [“One writes, that `Other friends remain,'”]
  8. VII     [“Dark house, by which once more I stand”]
  9. VIII    [“A happy lover who has come”]
  10. IX      [“Fair ship, that from the Italian shore”]
  11. X       [“I hear the noise about thy keel”]
  12. XI      [“Calm is the morn without a sound”]
  13. XII     [“Lo, as a dove when up she springs”]
  14. XIII    [“Tears of the widower”]
  15. XIV     [“ If one should bring me this report”]
  16. XV      [“To-night the winds begin to rise”]
  17. XVI     [“What words are these have fall'n from me?”]
  18. XVII    [“Thou comest, much wept for”]
  19. XVIII   [“'Tis well; 'tis something; we may stand”]
  20. XIX     [“The Danube to the Severn gave”]
  21. XX      [“The lesser griefs that may be said”]
  22. XXI     [“I sing to him that rests below”]
  23. XXII    [“The path by which we twain did go”]
  24. XXIII [“Now, sometimes in my sorrow shut”]
  25. XXIV    [“And was the day of my delight”]
  26. XXV     [“I know that this was Life”]
  27. XXVI    [“Still onward winds the dreary way”]
  28. XXVII   [“I envy not in any moods”]
  29. XXVIII [“The time draws near the birth of Christ”]
  30. XXIX    [“With such compelling cause to grieve”]
  31. XXX     [“With trembling fingers did we weave”]
  32. XXXI [“When Lazarus left his charnel-cave”]
  33. XXXII   [“Her eyes are homes of silent prayer”]
  34. XXXIII [“O thou that after toil and storm”]
  35. XXXIV   [“My own dim life should teach me this”]
  36. XXXV [“Yet if some voice that man could trust”]
  37. XXXVI   [“Tho' truths in manhood darkly join”]
  38. XXXVII [“Urania speaks with darken'd brow”]
  39. XXXVIII [“With weary steps I loiter on”]
  40. XXXIX   [“Old warder of these buried bones”]
  41. XL      [“Could we forget the widow'd hour”]
  42. XLI     [“Thy spirit ere our fatal loss”]
  43. XLII    [“I vex my heart with fancies dim”]
  44. XLIII   [“If Sleep and Death be truly one”]
  45. XLIV    [“How fares it with the happy dead?”]
  46. XLV     [“The baby new to earth and sky”]
  47. XLVI   [“We ranging down this lower track”]
  48. XLVII   [“That each, who seems a separate whole”]
  49. XLVIII [“If these brief lays, of Sorrow born”]
  50. XLIX    [“From art, from nature, from the schools”]
  51. L       [“Be near me when my light is low”]
  52. LI      [“Do we indeed desire the dead”]
  53. LII     [“I cannot love thee as I ought”]
  54. LIII    [“How many a father have I seen”]
  55. LIV     [“Oh, yet we trust that somehow good”]
  56. LV      [“The wish, that of the living whole”]
  57. LVI     [“‘So careful of the type?’ but no”]
  58. LVII    [“Peace; come away”]
  59. LVIII   [“In those sad words I took farewell”]
  60. LIX     [“O Sorrow, wilt thou live with me”]
  61. LX      [“He past; a soul of nobler tone”]
  62. LXI     [“In those sad words I took farewell”]
  63. LXII    [“Tho' if an eye that's downward cast”]
  64. LXIII   [“Yet pity for a horse o'er-driven”]
  65. LXV     [“Sweet soul, do with me as thou wilt”]
  66. LXVI    [“You thought my heart too far diseased”]
  67. LXVII   [“When on my bed the moonlight falls”]
  • LXVIII [“When in the down I sink my head”]
  • LXVIX   [“I dream'd there would be Spring no more”]
  • LXX     [“I cannot see the features right”]
  • LXXI    [“Sleep, kinsman thou to death and trance”]
  • L
  • LXXIII   [“So many worlds, so much to do”]
  • LXXIV   [“As sometimes in a dead man's face”]
  • LXXV    [“I leave thy praises unexpress'd”]
  • LXXVI   [“Take wings of fancy, and ascend”]
  • LXXVII [“What hope is here for modern rhyme”]
  • LXXVIII [“Again at Christmas did we weave”]
  • LXXIX   [“More than my brothers are to me”]
  • LXXX    [“If any vague desire should rise”]
  • LXXXI   [“Could I have said while he was here”]
  • LXXXII [“I wage not any feud with Death”]
  • LXXIII [“Dip down upon the northern shore”]
  • LXXXIV [“When I contemplate all alone”]
  • LXXXV   [“his truth came borne with bier and pall”]
  • LXXXVI [“Sweet after showers, ambrosial air”]
  • LXXXVII [“I past beside the reverend walls”]
  • LXXXVIII [“He tasted love with half his mind”]
  • LXXXIX [“Witch-elms that counterchange the floor”]
  • XC [“He tasted love with half his mind”]
  • XCI     [“When rosy plumelets tuft the larch”]
  • XCII    [“If any vision should reveal”]
  • XCIII   [“I shall not see thee. Dare I say”]
  • XCIV    [“How pure at heart and sound in head”]
  • XCV     [“By night we linger'd on the lawn”]
  • XCVI   [“You say, but with no touch of scorn”]
  • XCVII   [“My love has talk'd with rocks and trees;”]
  • XCVIII [“You leave us: you will see the Rhine”]
  • XCIX    [“Risest thou thus, dim dawn, again”]
  • C [“I climb the hill: from end to end”]
  • CI [“Unwatch'd, the garden bough shall sway”]
  • CII     [“We leave the well-beloved place”]
  • CIII    [“On that last night before we went”]
  • CIV     [“The time draws near the birth of Christ”]
  • CV [“To-night ungather'd let us leave”]
  • CVI     [“Ring out, wild bells, to the wild sky”]
  • CVII    [“I will not shut me from my kind”]
  • CVIII   [“I will not shut me from my kind”]
  • CIX     [“Heart-affluence in discursive talk”]
  • CX [“Thy converse drew us with delight”]
  • CXI     [“The churl in spirit, up or down”]
  • CXII    [“High wisdom holds my wisdom less”]
  • CXIII   [“'Tis held that sorrow makes us wise”]
  • CXIV    [“Who loves not Knowledge?”]
  • CXV     [“Now fades the last long streak of snow”]
  • CXVI    [“Is it, then, regret for buried time”]
  • CXVII   [“O days and hours, your work is this”]
  • CXVIII [“Contemplate all this work of Time”]
  • CXIX    [“Doors, where my heart was used to beat”]
  • CXX     [“I trust I have not wasted breath”]
  • CXXI    [“Sad Hesper o'er the buried sun”]
  • CXXII   [“Oh, wast thou with me, dearest, then”]
  • CXXIII [“There rolls the deep where grew the tree”]
  • CXXIV   [“That which we dare invoke to bless”]
  • CXXV    [“Whatever I have said or sung”]
  • CXXVI   [“Love is and was my Lord and King”]
  • CXXVII [“And all is well, tho' faith and form”]
  • CXXVIII [“The love that rose on stronger wings”]
  • CXXIX   [“Dear friend, far off, my lost desire”]
  • Section CXXX    [“Thy voice is on the rolling air”]
  • CXXXI   [“Lo, as a dove when up she springs”]
  • Epilogue

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