English 137: Anglo-American Nonfiction (Topic for 1990: Sages and Satirists)

George P. Landow, Professor of English and Art History, Brown University


Week 1 Wednesday and Friday, 5 and 7 September. Defining Genre or Mode -- What is nonfiction? Reading: Tom Wolfe, The Pump House Gang; Jonathan Swift, "A Modest Proposal" and "An Argument against Abolishing Christianity."

Week 2 Monday, 10 September, through Friday, 14 September. The Modern Sage as Exegete of the Real: Joan Didion, The White Album.

Week 3 Monday, 17 September, through Friday, 21 September. Wisdom Speakers: Michel de Montaigne, "Of Cannibals;" Samuel Johnson, Selected Essays from the "Rambler, Adventurer," and "Idler."

Week 4 Monday, 24 September, through Friday, 28 September. Victorian Sages (I): Thomas Carlyle and Florence Nightingale. Carlyle, "Signs of the Times," "Characteristics," Past and Present; Nightingale, Cassandra.

Week 5 Monday, 1 October, through Friday, 5 October. Victorian Sage (II): John Ruskin. Unto This Last, "Traffic," and selections from Praeterita.

Monday, 8 October: Columbus Day holiday

Week 6 Wednesday, 10 October, through Friday, 12 October. Victorian Sages (III): Thoreau. "Civil Disobedience," "Slavery in Massachusetts," "A Plea for John Brown," "The Last days of John Brown," "Life without Principle."

Week 7 Monday, 15 October, through Friday, 19 October. The Sage and Wisdom Speaker Parodied: Maz Beerbohm, "A Defence of Cosmetics," "Diminuendo;" Richard La Gallienne, "The Boom in Yellow;" Oscar Wilde, "The Decay of Lying;" Walter Pater, selections from The Renaissance, in Aesthetes and Decadents of the 1890s.

Week 8 Monday, 22 October, through Friday, 26 October. The Sage as Traveler, the Traveler as Sage: D. H. Lawrence, Twilight in Italy and Etruscan Places.

Week 9 Monday, 29 October, through Friday, 2 November. The Sage as Traveler, the Traveler as Sage: John McPhee, The Crofter and the Laird.

Week 10 Monday, 5 November, through Friday, 9 November. The Sage as Traveler, the Traveler as Sage: Bruce Chatwin, In Patagonia.

Week 11 Monday, 12 November, through Friday, 16 November. The Sage as (Mental) Traveler, the Traveler as Sage: Annue Dillard. An American Childhood.

Week 12 Monday, 19 November. No class.

Thanksgiving Vacation: Wednesday, 21 November through Sunday, 25 November:

Week 13 Monday, 26 November, through Friday, 30 November. The Autobiographer as Sage: Sara Soleri, Meatless Days.

Week 14 Monday, 3 December, through Friday, 7 December. The Sage as Traveler, the Traveler as Sage: Jonathan Raban, Coasting.


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