English 3414: Course Requirements and Assignments

Philip V. Allingham, Contributing Editor, Victorian Web; Faculty of Education, LakeheadUniversity (Canada)

A. Participation in group projects and presentations (total value = 15%).


If a student is absent, he or she will not have the opportunity to make up work in this category.

B. An open-book mid-term consisting of five short-answer and three paragraph questions (total value = 20%) on the social and historical context, substance, style, tone, diction, literary devices and techniques used by particular writers in works studied to date.

C. A major paper (2,500 words+) on one of a variety of set topics (see accompanying list) on the basis of one student per topic. You may fashion a narrower topic from that which you have selected. You will be expected to familiarize yourself with some of the existing criticism on the work or works you will be discussing by consulting relevant secondary sources, including periodicals such as Nineteenth-Century Literature, The Dickensian, The Dickens Quarterly, Victorian Poetry, Victorian Periodicals Review, The Thomas Hardy Journal, and The Thomas Hardy Year Book. This paper, which accounts for 30% of the final mark, is due by Friday, April 15th, 2005.

D. Final (closed-book) examination , accounting for a further 35% of the final mark. This will consist of two essays--the first, a general essay utilizing at least one major piece of prose (15 marks), the second, analyses and discussions based on core readings from poetry (20 marks).

E. Group Discussions and Presentations:

At regular intervals throughout the course, the class will be divided into groups of three or four in order to discuss more effectively issues arising from readings. For some of these sessions, the instructor will give out the topics to the groups a few days in advance and require students to bring to a designated meeting two copies of a page or two of notes which record individual thinking about the issues raised. One (legible, though not necessarily polished) copy will be handed in at the start of the class; the second will be utilized by the student in the ensuing discussion. These notes together with the product of the group will be the basis for the participation mark for each exercise.

Some of the problems for group consideration will NOT be announced in advance, so that the participation grade will be based solely on what each group produces in class. Absence from either discussions announced in advance or announced on the day cannot be made up after the fact, so that the only way to earn these participation marks will be to attend regularly.

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