The King of Brobdingnag and Gulliver by James Gillray
The King of Brobdingnag and Gulliver.

The King of Brobdingnag and Gulliver

"Vide: Swift's Gulliver's Voyage to Brobdingnag."

James Gillray

Colored Steel Engraving

George III in the guise of the King whom Gulliver meets on his second voyage addresses a Napoleon-Gulliver with the following passage from Gulliver's Travels:

"My little fiend Gruldig, you have made a most admirable panegyric upon yourself and Country, but from what I can gather from your own relation, & the answers I have with much pains, wringed and extorted from you, I cannot but consider you to be one of the most pernicious little reptiles that nature ever suffer'd to crawl on the surface of the Earth."

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