Anticipations or types of Christ. 1889. Tile painting, west wall, All Saints, Margaret Street, London, designed by William Butterfield. All Saints Margaret Street (1990), a pamphlet available at the church, mentions both that Butterfield replaced his original geometrical decoration on the north wall with tiles “painted by Alexander Gibbs and manufacturerd by Henry Poole and Sons,” but does not indicate if these three depictions of types of Christ replaced paintings by William Dyce destroyed by air pollution or the architects's own wall decoration.

The church pamphlet (p. 13) identifies these types of Christ as follows: Abel in his rough animal skins, Noah holding his ark; Abraham; Moses (holding the stone tablets with ten commandments, his his head shining with light after his proximity to God; Miriam, the sister of Moses, who danced and sang to celebrate God's destruction of Pharoah's army when the parted dead sea closed (and also a type of Mary); and Aaron, the great High Priest and brother to Moses, who wears the bejewelled breastplate described in Leviticus.


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