[Paul Johnson kindly shared the photographs and research on his UK site about John Shaw, Junior and Senior, and Philip Hardwick, which was "dedicated to the Memory of the Finest Architectural Family London Has Ever Seen." Unfortunately, the site is no longer available, so we are glad to have some excerpts from it here. — GPL]

In 1760 a young man called Hardwick presented himself to the famous architects Robert and John Adam to become Master Mason for the internal remodelling of Syon House. From that date, up until 1892, the surname of Hardwick helped lead the way in the employment of brilliant architecture throughout London and other parts of the country. The dynasty of four architects who passed down their skills from father to son produced some of the grandest buildings in the capital and can be seen as the very finest, and one of the longest ever running architectural families England has ever seen.

Thomas Hardwick Senior was that particular young man who first entered the family name into architecture. Little is known about him in respect to his work in architecture but it is known he was born in 1725 and had originated either from Monmouth or Hertforshire. Yet it was in Brentford, Middlesex, that he established his career and was where his son Thomas Junior was born in 1752.

Last modified 11 June 2005