Battling the interference of 658 MPs, plus Peers, press, and royalty; coaxing and soothing his collaborator, Pugin; fending off the mad schemes of a host of crackpot inventors and assaults from the egos of countless busybodies intent on destroying his reputation; and coming in three times over budget and 16 years behind schedule, its architect eventually won through — after countless setbacks and rows. Constructed during the age of the Chartists, the anti-Corn Law League, the Irish potato famine, the railways, the Great Exhibition, and the Crimean war, Mr Barry masterminded it all — and his war is the tale of the greatest building programme in Britain since the Middle Ages. — Caroline Shenton, Mr Barry's War (Oxford University Press, 2016), 5.


Exterior Views

Interior Views

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Furnishing and Design Details by Pugin and others

The Old Houses of Parliament

The Houses of Parliament in the arts

The Houses of Parliament and Technology

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