St Stephen's Church. Listed Building. Samuel Sanders Teulon. 1866-9; fully completed 1875. Rosslyn Hill, Hampstead, north London. Photograph by Evelyn Rosenthal, 2009. Text by Jacqueline Banerjee. [This image may be used for any scholarly or educational purpose without prior permission.]

Thanks to a great deal of celebrity backing, restoration of this Grade 1 listed church continues apace. It has already been adapted to a new use, having opened in March 2009 with a season of drama. Seen here from the top of the rise, its length is more apparent than its height, and its seating capacity can more easily be imagined.

Much of the rich stone carving here was by Thomas Earp, who also worked on G. E. Street's St. James the Less in Westminster. The close-up shows the impressive "plate tracery wheel window" above the gabled west front, as well as one of the flanking figures on the adjacent buttresses (see "Listed Building Details"). A wheel window is similar to a rose window, but distinguished by its radiating spokes.

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"Listed Building Details" (Camden local government site). Viewed 3 April 2009.

Last modified 29 September 2012