Front cover

Owen Jones, 1809-1874, designer, chromolithographer

Binder: Remnant & Edmonds


Heat-stamped and chromolithographed wood

The Preacher

Beckwith, Victorian Bibliomania catalogue no. 3

  • Rear cover
  • A Ceramic Papier Mâché imitation
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    Inspired by handmade books. Owen Jones created between 1841 and 1866 a series of printed illuminated books of selections from the Bible. The Preacher, excerpted from Ecclesiastes, was the most spectacular of his works published by Longman's during the 1840s. A heat-stamping machine and the chromolithographic process took the place of the human hand in carving the covers, writing the text, and painting the ornaments (Friedman 53). [continued below]

    Source: Rhode Island School of Design Library

    Courtesy of the Rhode Island School of Design

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