Biographical Material

Architectural Ceramics and Sculpture

Watercolours (possibly watercolour designs)

Watercolour Landscapes

The 1901 Book (A Booklet of Designs for Prospective Clients)



Anderson, Alastair Scott. William James Neatby: Artist and Designer, 1860-1910. Doctoral thesis for the University of de Montford. Download link for two volumes:

_____. "William James Neatby: Designs for Furniture, Metalwork and Interiors." The Journal of the Decorative Arts Society 1850 – The Present. Journal 26 (2002): 40-59. Jstor: 40–59.

"Neatby, William James; Neatby Evans & Co. (1901-1908)." The Furniture History Society. Web. 6 July 2024.

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