Mr. and Mrs. Harry Walmers and Cobbs

Harold Copping


Colour lithography

Approximately 7 x 5 inches (17.4 x 12.3 cm)

From Character Sketches from Dickens, facing p. 140.

The scene that Copping has chosen to illustrate was the subject of Harry French's somewhat prosaic scene depicting Cobbs, the "boots" of "The Holly-Tree Inn," and Mr. Harry Walmers ("Second Branch: The Boots") in the Household Edition of the 1870s. Whereas French has left "the adorable Norah" out but included the Tulip-tree, Copping has given us the inn and the garden which Cobbs superintends in the background. In its original form, in the extra Christmas number of Household Words for 1855, the short story was unillustrated.

Scanned image, caption, and commentary below by Philip V. Allingham