‘Alfred Crowquill’ was the pseudonym of the Forrester brothers, Charles Robert (1803–50) and Alfred Henry (1804–72), who between them wrote and illustrated a wide variety of satirical articles, comedy picture books, albums and books for children. Printed in colour and in black and white with illustrations reproduced in the form of wood-engravings, etchings and lithographs, and issued in cheap and sometimes ephemeral formats, their publications were tremendously popular. The eccentric name was a selling point heavily promoted in advertisements, and their work was historically significant for the ways in which it blurred the distinction between the tastes of the middle and working classes; valued as the source of light relief at the fireside, the Crowquill ‘brand’ was guaranteed to amuse even the sternest of consumers. A book by this unusual partnership was ubiquitous in the nursery, the parlour and even the kitchen and the maid’s bedroom.

In the brothers’ own time their publications were compared with the comic imprints of George Cruikshank, Richard Doyle and John Leech. Working within an evolving comedic tradition, the Forresters’ books made an important contribution to the development of visual puns, the representation of the grotesque, social satire, comic irony, caricature and arch humour. Rarely more than a footnote in histories of the period, the range and complexity of this work is under-appreciated. — Simon Cooke

Biographical and Critical Information


Primary Sources: Books and Periodicals

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Original art work in Museum Collections

The Huntington Library, San Marino, California, has an album of drawings for book illustration and other designs. An album of drawings for the ceramics maker, Samuel Alcock & Co, Stafford, is in the collection of the Metropolitan Art Museum, New York, the Pierpont Morgan Library, New York has a collection of 72 graphite and watercolour designs for a range of books, including yellowbacks and other material. The Victoria & Albert Museum, London, has Crowquil’s Ceramics, drawings and prints in several collections

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