This is the first comprehensive or near-comprehensive listing of books illustrated by Franklin. It is constructed from all available catalogues, and from unlisted entries found in contemporary advertisements. While as complete as I could make it, it is possible that other material is yet to be re-discovered. I have also examined several books which were listed as having illustrations by Franklin – but turned out to be errors. These spurious entries are not included.

Works entirely illustrated by Franklin

Adams, William Henry Davenport. The Men at the Helm: Biographical Studies of Great English Statesmen. With seven illustrations signed ‘JF’. Engraved on wood by Edmund Evans. London: James Hogg & Sons, n.d. [1862]. Another edition, also 1862, published by Gall & Inglis.

Ainsworth, W. H. Old St. Paul’s: A Tale of the Plague and the Fire. 3 vols. London: Hugh Cunningham, 1841; one volume edition, with a frontispiece by Phiz, 1847, published by Parry, Blenkarn & Co. and in separate parts, 1842–3. 21 steel-etchings, drawn and engraved by John Franklin.

Ancient Ballad of Chevy Chase, The. Illustrated in twelve plates by J. Franklin. London: Saunders & Otley, 1836. Designed and etched on steel by Franklin.

Carleton, William. Traits and Stories of the Irish Peasantry. Vol 1. Dublin: William Curry Jun., 1843. ‘Numerous illustrations on steel and wood … by Phiz, Gilbert, Phiz., etc’.

[Craik, Dinah]. Cola Monti – Bright Schemes and Bright Strokes: a Tales for Boys. London: Dean, n.d. [1864–66]. 6 wood engravings by John Franklin.

Gray, M. C.[Mrs. Russell Ward]. Early Days of the English Princes. London: Griffith & Farran, 1866. 4 wood-engravings signed by Franklin with a large and impressive ‘F’; engraved by G.P. Nicholls.

Parables of Our Lord, The. London: ‘Published by John Mitchell, bookseller to the Queen’, n.d. [1851]. 12 steel-plate engravings by Franklin; engraved by P. Lightfoot et al. The first 50 copies of this book were published as separate prints in a portfolio.

Poetical Works of John Dryden, The. Illustrated by 6 wood-engravings by John Franklin. London: Routledge, 1853; reprints 1854 & 1857. A book with an unstable form – I looked at several copies, some with all of the illustrations, others not.

Psalms of David, The. with numerous illustrations [mainly borders and head-pieces] by John Franklin, engraved by W.J. Linton. London: Sampson Low, Son, & Co., 1852.

St. George and the Dragon. Illustrations by John Franklin. London: Virtue, n.d. [circa 1864–68]. I can find no details of this book and have not examined a copy. It is probably a plate book with steel-etchings.

Scott, Walter. Ivanhoe. Illustrated with wood-engravings by Franklin. Abbotsford Edition. Edinburgh: R. Cadell, 1844.

Scott, Walter. The Talisman. Illustrated with wood-engravings by Franklin. Abbotsford Edition. Edinburgh: R. Cadell, 1846.

Tableaux from Crichton: a Romance by W.H.A. Designed and etched by J. Franklin. London: J. Macrone, 1837.

Wertheim’s Bible Cartoons, for the school and cottage. Designed by J. Franklin, engraved by G. P. Nicholls. Sixteen full page steel-engravings, scenes from The Old Testament. London: Published by R. Wertheim, n.d. [1848].

Issued in sixpenny parts and as a large folio. This hugely impressive plate-book bears comparison with the best productions of the period, but is virtually unknown.

Works co-illustrated by John Franklin

Book of British Ballads, The. edited by S. C. Hall. 2 vols. London: How, 1842 –4. Reissued in one volume by Bohn, circa 1860 and in numerous other reprints. Co-illustrated with Dadd, Townsend, Selous, etc; wood-engravings cut by Linton, Green, Williams, etc.

Book of Gems, The. Ed. S.C. Hall. London: Saunders & Otley, 1837. Franklin and sundry others.

Book of Nursery Tales. The. London: James Burns, 1845. Franklin and sundry others.

Gammer Gurton’s Pleasant Stories. London: Chapman & Hall, n.d. [1852]. Co-illustrated with John Absolon.

Home Treasury of Old Story Book, The. Illustrated by Franklin, Wehnert, Horsley, etc. London: Sampson Low, Son, & Co., 1859.

Ireland: its Scenery and Character. Ed. Mrs. S. C. Hall. London: How and Parsons, 1841–43. Franklin and sundry others.

Kingston, W. H. G. Seven Champions of Christendom. London: Sampson Low, Son, & Co., 1861.

Midsummer Eve: a Fairy Tale. Ed. Mrs. S. C. Hall. London: Longman, Longman, Brown, Green, & Longman, 1848. Co-illustrated with Maclise and Wehnert.

Northern Minstrelry, being Selectons Specimens of Scottish Songs. . London: James Burns, n.d. [1845]. Wood-engraved illustrations by Franklin, W. B.Scott, etc. Essentially the same as Ballads and Metrical Tales. of the same year.

Old English Ballads. London: Ward & Lock, 1864. Illustrated in wood-engravings by Franklin, Birket Foster, etc, mainly engraved by the Dalziels.

Poems and Pictures: a Collection of Ballads, Songs, and Other Poems. With one hundred illustrations on wood by English artists. London: James Burns, 1846. Later edition, 1869.

Pretty Pleasing Picture Book, The. Illustrated by Franklin, Gilbert, etc. London: Dean, n.d. [1855].

Stories of the Irish Peasantry. Ed. Mrs. S.C. Hall. Edinburgh: R. Chambers, 1852. With illustrations by Franklin and others. An edition of 1850 does not have illustrations.

Tyler, Frederick. The Old Story Books of England. Illustrated by Franklin, Absolon, etc. London: Cundall, n.d. [1847].

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