Title-pages for the Collins' Clear-type Press Pocket Editions (1900)

Left: David Copperfield (No. 1). Centre: The Old Curiosity Shop (No. 36). Right: Dombey and Son/span>, Volume Two (No. 40).

N. B. Groome illustrated eight Dickens titles in total for Collins, the others being Hard Times (No. 42), Nicholas Nickleby (No. 37), Bleak House (No. 47), Little Dorrit (No. 48), and Master Humphrey's Clock & Pictures from Italy (No. 49).

The standard for the Collins' Clear-type Editions, in their original editions and numerous re-printings, is only 12.4 cm high by 8.0 cm wide, on pages measuring 15.2 cm by 9.5. Nwevertheless, William Harry Charles Groome's twenty-four Edwardian illustrations given here reveal a sure sense of composition, His usual practice is to depict a limited number of characters upon whom he concentrates at the expense of context. See, for example, "She hurriedly put her work aside" for Ch. VIII of Dombey and Son. Here, as usual, Groome puts his few characters in focus, and blurs the backdrop, in this case a seaside scene.

Groome's Contributions to the Collins Clear-type Pocket Editions (1900)

The Collins' Illustrated Pocket Classics (Works of the Victorian Era)

Cloth, 1/- net. Leather, 2/- net. (In Great Britain only.) Thin paper editions at popular prices. Over 1400 New Illustrations. The List of titles ranges from Harrison Ainsworth's Windsor Castle (No. 74) to C. M. Yonge's The Dove in the Eagle's Nest (No. 166). In this original series Collins published poetry, essays, travelogues, and short fiction, as well as novels, the whole comprising one-hundred-eighty-one volumes, including twenty-two Dickens titles, by far the dominant author. In a new series, each worth seven shillings, Collins published "Modern Fiction" exclusively, ranging from Maxwell Gray's The Great Refusal (No. 1) to Robert Orange's John Oliver Hobbes (No. 66).

Seven David Copperfield Illustrations (1907)

Dombey and Son: two volumes in one (1907, rpt. 1934)

The Old Curiosity Shop (1907)

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