The Hunting of the Snark, An Agony in Eight Fits (1876)

  • Introduction
  • The Bellman in the ship’s rigging – Front cover design
  • The Landing Frontispiece.
  • The Crew on Board Page 5.
  • The Butcher and the Beaver Page 10
  • The Baker’s Tale Page 31.
  • The Hunting Page 41.
  • The Beaver’s Lesson Page 52.
  • The Barrister’s Dream Page 62.
  • The Banker’s Fate Page 74.
  • The Vanishing Page 82.
  • The Tolling Buoy – back cover design.
  • Illustrated British Ballads, Old and New,. 1881.

  • But the Queen held her brows and gazed And said, ‘It is the glare of torches there’ (Rossetti’s “Staff and Scrip”)
  • “Riding Together” (Morris’s poem)
  • Sir Guido (from poem by James Bolivar Manson)
  • “The Pilgrim said, ‘Peace be with you, Lady,’ and bent his knee (Rossetti’s “Staff and Scrip”)
  • Uncover ye his face,’ she said. ‘O changed in the little space!” (Rossetti’s “Staff and Scrip”)
  • Miscellaneous


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