John Leighton: the frontispiece of his Tubular Transit for London (1902); British Library no. 8235.bb.87(4).

John Leighton, “a long-lived man of exceptional ability with wide-ranging interests” (King) was not only a prolific book illustrator but he also designed the covers of books for more than 60 publishers and “wrote and illustrated a number of works in the 1840s under the pseudonym of Luke Limner, almost certainly taking his pseudonym from St Luke, the patron saint of artists” (King).

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The Cries of London and Public Edifices



Cults, Jacob. Moral Emblems with Aphorisms, and Proverbs, of All Ages and Nations. Illustrations by John Leighton. 3rd ed. London: Longmans, Green, Reader and Dyer, 1865.

Limner, Luke. The Ancient Story of the Old Dame and Her Pig. A Legend of Obstinancy Shewing How it Cost the Old Lady a World of Trouble, and the Pig His Tail. Illustrated by Luke Limner. London: D. Bogue, Fleet St, [1847]).

Limner, Luke. London Out of Town. Or the Adventures of the Browns at the Sea Side London: David Bogue, 86 Fleet Street, [1847].

Limner, Luke. Madre datura versus the Molorh of Fashion. A Social Essay, with Twenty Five Illustrations (London: Bradbury & Evans &: Co. II, Bouverie St., Whitefriars, 1870.

Limner, Luke. The Cries of London & Public Edifices from Sketches on the Spot. London: Grant & Griffith successors to Newberry and Harris. Corner of St Paul's Church Yard, [1847].

Limner, Luke. The Royal Picture Alphabet. London: Ward and Lock, 158 Fleet Street, [1856].

Limner, Luke. Suggestions in Design. Including all original compositions in all styles with descriptive notes for the use of artists and art-workmen: containing nearly six hundred hints for workers in metal, wood, ivory, glass, and leather; the potter, weaver, printer in colours, engraver, decorator, etc., etc. London: David Bogue, Fleet Street, 1853. 26pp., 47 plates.

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