The Garden on the Roof

The Garden on the Roof

Marcus Stone

Wood engraving by Dalziel

14.2 cm high x 9.4 cm wide

Dickens's Our Mutual Friend, Book Two ("Birds of a Feather"), Chapter Five, "Mercury Prompting" [This part of the novel originally appeared in periodical form in Part 7, November 1864.]

Quite another side of Fascination Fledgeby is revealed in the November, 1864, part (Chapter 5 of the second book) when the youth visits his money-lending business, Pubsey & Co., at St. Mary Axe. In the scene by Stone, the dignified Jew, Riah, Fledgeby's front-man, conducts his employer onto the roof of the building, where Jenny Wren and Lizzie Hexam are reading.

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Scanned image and text by Philip V. Allingham.

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