The Lovely Woman has her Fortune told.

The Lovely Woman has her Fortune told

Marcus Stone

Wood engraving by W. T. Green

13.7 cm high x 9.3 cm wide, framed (facing p. 536).

Stone's illustration for Book 3, "A Long Lane," Chapter 16, ""The Feast of the Three Hobgoblins," appeared in the July, 1865, instalment. The scene, however, is not R. W.'s office, where earlier in the day Bella and John Rokesmith announced their engagement and celebrated in the "hobgoblins'" feast of penny-loaves and milk with Bella's father. Rather, the scene realised occurs towards the end of the chapter when, Bella having announced that she has left the Boffins on a matter of principle, she returns to the family dining room after her sister Lavvy and her mother have gone to bed. There she promises her father that he will always have a place in their modest, middle-class home. The passage which Stone has captured in this second instalment for the July instalment is this:

[See below for commentary and passage illustrated.]