Fort Deavolo by Thomas Nast, in Charles Dickens's Pictures from Italy, Sketches, and American Notes, twelfth chapter, "A Rapid Diorama," p. 71. Wood-engraving, 4 ⅛ high by 5 ½ inches wide (10.7 cm high by 13.5 cm wide), vignetted. Descriptive headline for page 71: "Fondi — Its People All Beggars!"

Passage Realized: A Reversion to the Picturesque

A noble mountain-pass, with the ruins of a fort on a strong eminence, traditionally called the Fort of Fra Diavolo; the old town of Itrí, like a device in pastry, built up, almost perpendicularly, on a hill, and approached by long steep flights of steps; beautiful Mola di Gaëta, whose wines, like those of Albano, have degenerated since the days of Horace, or his taste for wine was bad: which is not likely of one who enjoyed it so much, and extolled it so well; another night upon the road at St. Agatha; a rest next day at Capua, which is picturesque, but hardly so seductive to a traveller now, as the soldiers of Prætorian Rome were wont to find the ancient city of that name; a flat road among vines festooned and looped from tree to tree; and Mount Vesuvius close at hand at last! — its cone and summit whitened with snow; and its smoke hanging over it, in the heavy atmosphere of the day, like a dense cloud. So we go, rattling down hill, into Naples. [Chapter Twelve, "A Rapid Diorama," 72]

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