Reception into Heaven, by F. Hamilton Jackson (1848-1923), with a closer view of the child who is to receive the crown on his reception. This is the central window out of three in the baptistry at the west end of St Alban's, Acton Green, London. The angels on the left carry the text, "Of such is the kingdom of Heaven" (Matthew 19, 4). The lilies suggest children's innocence. This is a touching tribute to two children who died young: Evelyn Maud Davidson and Cyril Victor Manbey. The former was born on May 20 1878, and died on Whitsun Eve (25 May) 1890, so she was just twelve. She is represented by the kneeling child. The latter was born in June 1890 and died that same month, and she is represented by the babe-in-arms being cradled by the angel in green.

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Eberhard, Robert. "Stained Glass Windows at St Alban." Church Stained Glass Windows. Web. 10 July 2017 (NB Eberhard identifies this window as "Baptism.")

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