John McDonnell has graciously shared with readers of the Victorian Web his website with the electronic text, including scanned images, of the anonymous London Characters and the Humourous Side of London Life, which the London firm Stanley Rivers & Co. published in 1871. Mr. McDonnell has established that the text is by both W. S. Gilbert and a thus-far unidentified "Mr. Jones." Mr. McDonnell continues to update his text, compare various edtions, and identify illustrators. Those signed "Bab" are by Gilbert.

Introductory Materials

Thumbnail Studies in the London Streets

Getting up a Pantomime

Sitting at a Play

The Thumbnail Sketcher in a Cab

Scenes in Court

Outsiders of Society and Their Homes in London

Opposite A Cabstand

Afternoons in "The Park"

Life in London

Housekeeping in Belgravia

Billingsgate at Five in The Morning

Last modified 28 July 2009