Headquarters of the Albion, Pawtuxet, and Galilee Railroad.

Headquarters of the AP&G

This polyester resin kit from the now-defunct Magnusson Models was painted with an airbrush using Floquil colors, and I added window shades and a sign made from the APG decals. I love this building because, like other Magnusson products, it was one of the first Victorian structures available that suited my late-nineteenth-century Rhode Island railroad. Alexander Models had the wonderful haunted house with a Mansard roof, and Scale Structures had one or two very expensive items, but Magnusson started a complete line of appropriate buildings. If I recall correctly, they began with resin kits and then moved to a line of polystyrene ones, which Design Preservation Models now produces (Scale Structures from Walthers now sells the original resin models, though I have not seen any in hobby stores.)

In the second version of the AP&G, I had planned to place this perpendicular to the large Pawtuxet station facing the town plaza with its statue of Melmotte and its Gothic fountain, but as the town of Albion took form I realized it would look better there closer to the edge of the layout. In February 2009, trying to avoid doing some necessary wiring, I raised the roof higher than on this first version, added a scratchbuilt extrenal staircase and a clossed internal staircase entrance, Woodland Scenics roofers, and some Preiser pigeons, crows, and a hawk taking off from the chimeny, which now has a chimney cap.

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