The E. L. Moore Lumber Company

I built the lumber company from one of E. L. Moore's articles, originally using almost no commercial parts. Moore, an elderly gentleman who lived in a small apartment, only had a railroad early in his modeling career but always loved to create quirky structures for friends and write articles about them. Several of his designs turned into commercial kits, AHM, for instance, turned his pickle plant into a plastic kit for an oldtime chemical works. Moore's articles always assumed that one could assemble an attractive building for only one or two dollars, and he was an expert in working with inexpensive materials. He made his corrugated iron roof, for example, with a used-up ballpoint pen to emboss parallel lines in paper. I tried this, and it worked well, but eventually I replaced the paper roof with Campbell roofing material. I scratchbuilt the saw out of plastic, wood, and an old gear.

I later made two open lumber storage sheds and created piles of lumber. When I planned to put this back on the new layout, I original thought I'd recreate them, but instead of building them from wood, I found kits for two identical plastic AHM lumber yards on eBay in 2006 and used them instead; see the links below [GPL].

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