Florence's Chowder Shack

Florence's Chowder Shack viewed from a direction perpendicular to the Galilee wharf [built July 2009]. This model, named in honor of my lovely stepmother, combines a main building and addition created from Campbell shingles over shirt cardboard with a tiny bit of Bar Mills stick-on shingles left over from Majestic Hardware plus Tichy Train Group windows and chimneys. The little red building is a $9.00 kit picked up at the 2009 Great Train Show. Detail parts: the large vent and two piles of lobster traps come from Model Tech Studios (also purchased at the train show), and you can find a few small parts form Rusty Rails. The golden fish is a little tiny plastic fish I've had for 20+ years. I primed it, painted it with Floquil Bright Gold, drilled a hole in the reverse, glued in a bit of wire, and after drilling a hole in the siding, glued the fish to the outside wall.

In September 2016 the Chowder Shack moved to New Haven, Connecticut. — GPL.

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