The Pawtuxet Tug Boat and Navigation Assistance Co.

The Pawtuxet Tug Boat and Navigation Assistance Co. [built August 2009]. I constructed this model using Campbell shingling material glued to old shirt cardboards. The detail parts include Tichy windows and doors, a Campbell chimney, MicroMart stone-patterned paper for the foundation, a front staircase made from styrene scrap, and detail castings, if I remember crrectly, from Rusty Rail. The row boat came from a Preiser set. To create the effect of those aged, moldy shingles one sees in older New England buildings, I used walnut stain wiped down the sides and roof, after which I used my usual India ink and alcohol weathering solution.

You can just see the edge of the tug boat coaling station converted from a Campbell Quick's Coal, which I finally built 25 or more years after my wife gave it to me for a birthday present. I ripped off the original Campbell metal roofing and replaced it with Bar Mills shingles and made some other modifications, including enclosing the end with pre-stained boards and creating new, much longer coal shutes. [GPL].

The later version of this structure

After removing the building from the layout, I added a loading dock that was originally part of the Misquamicut Textile Machinery Co., a shed at the rear, a trip tree stump, vegetation, and clutter, including garbage cans. [Click on images to enlarge them.]

Other Views

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