The Bandstand in Cathedral Park, Pawtuxet

The Bandstand in Cathedral Park, Pawtuxet. This bandstand began as a Campbell's kit my wife gave me as a brthday present at least 20 years before I built it, but by the time I had finished it, the only part of the original wood and plastic that remained were the upright supports, banisters, and the little corbels. I used Grandt styrene lattic work for the bottom, created a new floor, left out the lattic work beneath he roof, which I created out of styrene covering it with Bar Mills shingles and topping it off with a vent painted white and gold on top of which sits a wetaher vane. The park also boasts three flowerbeds. The fencing came from Hong Kong. The band and the two birds on the roof are from Preiser.

bird's-eye view [GPL].

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