The Side Track Tap Saloon

The Side Track Tap Saloon [built April 2010]. Needing a building that could both cover a hole in the scenery and an appropriate companion for Ruth's Palace of Pleasure, I decided to construct a construct one of those late-eighteenth- or early-nineteenth-century Providence buildings that combines brick with shingle or clapboard. Using 3M spray adhesive on cardboard I cemented MicroMart embosed brick paper and Bar Mills grey shingles plus Tichy windows, corbels, chimney, and door and Grandt Line beam ends all weathered with artist's chalk. The name of course comes from Garrison Keillor's radio show, Prairie Home Companion, which often features the Side Track Tap in Lake Woebegone, Minnesota. [In place on the layout.

In November 2016 it traveled, along with the Isaac Landow bakery, to a layout in Linthicum, Maryland. — GPL].

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