The What Cheer Travern.This little ramshackle building is constructed from wooden clapboard siding, Campbell shingles, and (most likely) Tichy windows and door. I've added Rusty Rail garbage cans, an oil tank and various commercial signs plus ones for the tavern itself. Click on images to enlarge them.

Why "what cheer"? When the Puritans threw Roger Williams out of Massachusetts because he believed in religious freedom and getting along with the Indians, he headed south to Rhode Island, greeting a local chief with the words, "What Cheer?" meaning, I suppose, "How's it going?" Anyway various things in the state, including a bar near the Providence-Cranston line, have the name "What Cheer." That tavern is a tiny all brick square building, but I wanted mine to look as if built earlier, so I built it of wood, though it does have a brick foundation.

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