Chester, Vermont, 3-6 October 2007

The Fullerton Inn

Left: the Fullerton Inn, where we had breakfast each morning. Middle left: the autumn decorations. Middle right: The Fullerton's large lobby. Right: Signs of autumn.

The First Day of the Conference

The tree shrouded by fog at the left here is the same one shown in sunlight a few hours later at the right. Middle: the conference building.

Three buildings between the Fullerton Inn and the conference center, the last a somewhat unusual Episcopal church.

Right: Gail Clement, of Florida International University, kicks off the conference. Middle: Gail with Michael Edmonds of the Wisconsin Historical Society.

Sights of Chester and the surrounding country roads.

Left: A gingerbread carpenter gothic house. Right two: A picturesque old mill, now minus its waterwheel, which has become a store.

Left: View from a porch at the converted mill of Chester's old firehouse with two towers. Middle: a home across the road from the old mill. Right: the brakeman climbing on board the Green Mountain locomotive as the tourist train pulls out of the station and across the road.

Curtis's All American Bar-B-Q — a local treasure a few miles from town.

Curtis at work.