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This list was collated from Pigot's Directory 1839, Kelly's Directory 1845 and the Home Counties Directory 1851. After the latter date the number of female lodging-house keepers becomes too numerous to mention.


Mrs. Tree, York buildings
Miss Baldock, 13 York buildings
Mrs. Mann, 14 York buildings
Mrs. Joseph, 16 York buildings
Mrs. Laing, 1 Parade
Mrs. Piper, 2 Parade
Miss Masters, 3 Parade
Mrs. Ball, 4 Parade
Miss Bayley, 6 Parade
Mrs Akehurst, 8 Parade
Mrs. Mills, 11 Parade
Mrs. Bryant, 12 Parade
Miss Fryer, 5 Wellington sq
Mrs. Smith, 6 Wellington sq
Mrs. Gill, 7 Wellington sq & 5 Beach cottages
Mrs. Osbourn, 8 Wellington sq
Mrs. Glazier, 11 Wellington sq
Mrs. Bluton, 16 Wellington sq
Mrs. Wells, 23 Wellington sq
Mrs. Faulkner, 28 Wellington square
Mrs. Heath, 30 Wellington sq


Mrs. Hawkey, 33 Wellington sq
Mrs. Eldridge, 36 Wellington sq
Mrs. Colbron, 1 Denmark place
Mrs. Hill, 2 Denmark place
Mrs. Nash 3 Denmark place
Mrs. Cooper, 1 Battery
Mrs. Elphick, 2 Battery
Mrs. Wingfield, 3 Battery
Mrs. Dunn, 4 Battery
Miss Waite, 5 Battery
Mrs. Mills, 7 Battery
Mrs. Dunn, 8 Battery
Mrs. Neale, 9 Battery
Mrs. Chatfield, 10 Battery
Mrs. Cox, 11 Battery
Mrs. Harman, 2 Cavendish place
Mrs. Winter, 2 Cavendish terrace
Mrs. Delves, 3 Cavendish terrace
Mrs. Sarah Nash, 1 Kentish place
Mrs. Roper, 2 Kentish place
Mrs. Nash, 3 Kentish place

Wellington Square, Hastings, in the 1830s


Mrs. Jenner, 4 Pelham place
Mrs. Martha Thatcher, 7 & 8 Pelham place
Mrs. Jex, 2 Caroline place
Mrs. Benson, 3 Caroline place
Mrs. Sargent, 4 Caroline place
Mrs. Picknell, 5 Caroline place
Mrs. Peach, 6 Caroline place
Mrs. Thatcher, All Saints' cottage
Mrs. Williams, 10 Croft
Mrs. Williams Albion house
Mrs. Williams, Hill street house
Mrs. Wren, Prospect house
Mrs. Apps, Exmouth house & cottage
Mrs. Banks, Rock house
Mrs. Elgar, East beach
Mrs. Williams, Brunswick house
Mrs. Thwaites, Providence house
Mrs. Sargent, 98 High st
Mrs. Elizabeth Foster, Priory farm
Mrs. Gwynne, Marine cottage
Mrs. Wimble, Portland house, Croft

St Leonards

Mrs. Dawson, 3 East ascent
Miss Deudney, 3 West ascent
Miss Dixon, 103 Marina
Mrs. Fullager, 12 Grand parade
Mrs. Gill, 26 & 32 Marina
Mrs. Greata, 101 Marina
Mrs. Grove, 111 Marina
Mrs. Hunter, 5 East ascent
Mrs. Hughes, 14 East ascent
Miss Woodgate, 18 & 20 Marina
Mrs. Tyhurst, 17 Marina
Mrs. Johnson, 23, 24, 25 & 71 Marina
Mrs. Lansell, 31 Marina
Mrs. Mace, 30 Marina
Mrs. Philpot, 38 Marina
Misses Wright, 114 Marina
Mrs. Sisley, 1 Grand parade
Mrs. Jarvis, 2 Grand parade
Mrs. White, 7 Grand parade
Mrs. Waple, 16 Grand parade
Mrs. Neve, 9 Undercliff
Mrs. Collins, 11 Undercliff

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